"If You Want To Go Fast, Go Alone. If You Want To Go Far, Go Together." - African Proverb

"He's nonlinear, inventive, technical, resourceful, and fearless." - What Others Are Saying

Welcome. Thanks for stopping by my personal page. This gives you a glimpse of me.

Greg while traveling

15 of Many Projects

JUG Team Marketing Alliance

The Experience Design Blueprint

World's First Laser Pico Projector

No-Drop-Grip Phone Wallet

Founded ALATRON Software

Chief Marketer & Virtual Department

Active Board Member for Six Years

Inventor of The Big Idea Toolkit

Chief Marketer & Virtual Department

Business and Marketing Consultant

Marketing Consultant, US BMO

Acting COO

Public Speaker & Moderator

Lifelong Learner

Consulting Chief Marketer

Want to Collaborate?

Learn more about me on my LinkedIn profile or just reach out if you're interested in collaborating. I'm always happy to grab a coffee, water, wine, or beer - even if it's virtual.

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